British Consulates Abroad

This website is dedicated to both British nationals who need consular assistance abroad and all other nationals who plan to visit the United Kingdom.

Since many consulates, especially the smaller honorary consulates, don't have their own web presence we decided to create this website to offer everybody a quick and easy tool to details of all British consulates including those that do not have a website.

You will find relevant contact information of all British consulates abroad as wel as relevant information on visitor, marriage, fiancé and student visa regulations and consular information on overseas births, British deaths abroad and marriage registration with links to downloadable application forms and relevant British government websites.


Directory of all British consulates worldwide

When you are living in or nearby a capital city in almost all cases a British embassy can be found nearby. However, most people will find that the nearest British embassy is far away from their location and that is the reason why we created a comprehensive directory off all British consulates worldwide.

You will find that in many consular cases a trip to the British embassy is not necessary. Besides an embassy in almost every capital city the United Kingdom is also represented by a number of consulates and high commissions throughout the world.

How to find a British consulate near you

Click below on the country and the city for the nearest British consulate.

For every consulate we provide contact details, office hours and a map where the location of that consulate is marked. From every consulate page you can navigate to our visa information pages and pages where we provide up to date information for passport applications and links to downloadable application forms for both visas and passports. Furthermore you will find detailed information on how to handle overseas births, deaths and marriages, etc.