British Consulate - Dunkerque

  British Consulate - Dunkerque

British Consulate in Dunkerque

Dunkerque - France

British Consulate - Dunkerque




  Up to Date Travel Advice from the British Government

When travelling abroad it is always best to keep up to date with situations in the countries you are planning to visit, especially if your planned destinations are in areas of instability. Always check the Foreign travel advice provided by the British government.

Many links provided by this website are direct links to official pages of advice given by specific British embassies, consulates or high commissions from their different locations around the globe. They are well maintained and provide you with up to date information on the state of current affairs in the country and how they may affect tourism or expatriates working there.

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In the Visa section of this website you will find extended information on UK Fiancee visas and Spouse visas, Separately we dedicated a special page on Student Visas and also a General Visitor Visas page including links to visa applications forms for each visa type. You also find information on the latest visa requirements.

British Passports

In the Passport section of this website you will find all information regarding the renewal of British passports, lost or stolen passports, emergency travel documents and the new rules concerning passport photos. Furthermore you will find info on the different type of passports and how much they cost and links to downloadable application forms for each type.

British Consulate versus British Embassy

A British consulate is like a mini British embassy or satellite of the British embassy manned by fewer staff members and is headed by the (Honorary) Consul.

Most British consulates, but not all, will be able to provide most of the services given by an British Embassy but on the spot, at a local level, usually quickly and including, for example, consular assistance to British nationals who might be situated nearby and usually are able to help with such consular services like visa applications, lost, damaged or stolen passports, prison visiting, assistance with domestic matters such as births, deaths and marriages, etc.


Make sure before you travel: That the British consulate you plan to visit can provide you with the assistance you need and check that you have all the documents required, Nothing is more annoying then having to return because you did not bring with you all necessary documents.

In case you have to travel from far away or need to return to the British consulate the next or one of the following days it might be wise to stay overnight at a hotel in the city where your consulate is located, We also provide a handy hotel search box to explore your options.

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British Consulate - Dunkerque

British Consulate - Dunkerque

British Consulate in Dunkerque - British Consulate