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  British Marriage and Fiancé Visa Regulations British


  Please note: If you or your partner get carer’s allowance or certain disability benefits then you will not need to prove your finances, but you will need to support and accommodate yourselves adequately.
  Reasons for refusal of applications
You application could be refused if you have:
· previously broken UK immigration law
· a criminal record either in the UK or any other country
· provided inaccurate or incomplete information to the Home Office
  To download the full form from detailing reasons for refusal of applications click here

UK Fiancé / Fiancée Visa Basics

If you are planning to visit a British citizen or someone who is permanently settled in the UK for the purpose of marriage then you are eligible to apply for a fiancé / fiancée visa.

Most other visas have stipulations for the sponsor and girlfriend or fiancé to have lived together before applying, but this is where the fiancé visa differs, as you do not. There are also no minimum annual salary requirements to apply for this type of visa. You do, however, need to be able to prove that there will be suitable accommodation provided in the UK for the duration of your stay.

  Fiancé visa requirements
  It is essential that you are able to prove that:
· the sponsor is either a British citizen or permanently settled in the United Kingdom
· the proposed marriage must take place between the sponsor and the applicant with a 6 month period
· the proposed couple must have met each other in person and be able to prove that
· it is preferred that you can prove your relationship is long-term and genuine
· the proposed couple must intend to live together permanently
· there must be suitable accommodation available for the applicant in the United Kingdom
· there must be proof that the applicant will be either financially secure or will be supported by their partner
    without relying on the state for money
  · both sponsor and applicant must be over 18 at the time of application
  · if either of the parties has been in a serious relationship before that must have broken down fully
  English ability requirements:
  · you are between 18 to 64 years-old you need to pass the an English language test approved by the UK 
    government and provide supporting documents to prove qualifications
  · are a national of a mainly English speaking country
  · have a degree that was taught or researched in English (proof also required)
  Please note: Degrees taught or researched in English must be approved by UK NARIC as being the
  equivalent of a bachelor’s, PHD or master’s degree in the UK



Visa conditions:

If you are successful you will be granted a 6 month stay in the UK with the purpose of getting married. You will not be allowed to work at all during the stay.

If you are successful and get married in the UK you will then be able to apply for a marriage visa and if you are successful with that visa, you will then be granted an extra 60 months of stay. However, after 33 months this has to be renewed and you will eventually be le to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).



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